Pocket Island DS

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Pocket Island is a port for the DS of the famous Pocket God game.

Current Version: 0.95


Download Pocket Island v0.95 (NitroFS)

Download Pocket Island v0.95 (FAT) (Very glitchy and laggy)

Version 0.95 Changelog:

-Removed many unneeded stuff in RAM.
-Added a Meteor to the killing list.
-Added a Coconut that can hit the Pygmy on the head (On the top of the pygmy's hair).
-Many GUI modifications.
-Added more sounds.
-Fixed many bugs and glitches. (Were detected by Nathan)
-Released a FAT version.

How to Install:

1-Download this game and extract it.
2-Move the .nds file found after extraction to your flashcart. (Can be renamed)
3-DLDI Patch the game if your card doesn't Auto-Patch, if it didn't work after DLDI patching, use Homebrew Menu to start the game.
4-Start the game.

-R4 (Compatible)
-DSTWO (Compatible)
-N5 (Compatible only with the FAT version)

(Developer + Programmer)
(BETA Tester + Supporter)

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