Nintendo DS Flashcarts (N5)

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Nintendo DS Flashcarts (N5)

Post by MJaoune on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:26 pm

Don't believe that rumor about the N5 that says that the N5 blows your DS or fuses it. I have been using my N5 for 3 years and nothing ever happened to my DS, also it accepts YSMenu and some other alternate firmwares.
The N5 updates its firmware recently, unlike the R4.

Why to buy N5 DS:
-Much cheaper than any other card.
-Accepts many alternate firmwares.
-Good looking interface.
-Accepts Ram Expansion Slot 2. (Any type such as Opera, 3 in 1, etc...)
-Boots slot 2.
-Is not a total clone of the R4, since the N5 has 12 themes and the r4 only 1 theme, and the N5 has the N5i also, and the N5 runs more games than the R4 (AP problems is better fixed in the N5)

It is your decision what card do you want to buy, but I told you my opinion Very Happy

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